Why Al Gore wont be President

There have been many who hope to see Al Gore run for President in 2008.  His recent push to clean up the environment has energized a lot of people.  And it’s nice to see people excited about cleaning up the environment.  Whether or not you believe Gore’s claims about global warming, you have to believe that we are doing things that hurt our planet, and that we should do something about it.

In any event, the real reason that Gore won’t, and shouldn’t, be President is that he is much more valuable to the country and to the Democratic party as a lightning rod.  Recently I’ve heard more conservative venom directed at Gore than at Hillary Clinton.  And when you can make the National Review start seeing Hillary as the moderate candidate, you are doing a great service to the Democratic party.  If you help make Hillary President, you may be doing a disservice to the country, but that’s a question for a different post.

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