Tuesdays in the winter

Every weekday, the right side of Harvard Street is closed for parking during rush hour, both morning and evening. That gives traffic two lanes on this one-way street, and parking one lane. It’s a big cut-through between 16th and 14th, so traffic is pretty heavy at times.

On Tuesdays, they clean the left side of the street. So there’s no parking there all day, and the parking restriction on the right side of the street is lifted. In the winter, there is no street cleaning, so these rules don’t apply.

However, the result of this is not that Tuesday is the same as Monday and Wednesday through Friday. What happens on Tuesday is that everyone ignores the “no parking on the left side” signs, and obeys the “You can park on the right side today” signs. So they park on both sides of the street all day, meaning that the afternoon rush outside my window is particularly heavy. I’m glad I’m already home and parked right out front.

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