I wish they used the closed captioning

As you may know, it’s really f’ing cold in the DC area.  NPR told me this morning that it was 9 degrees with a wind chill of -1.  That’s totally awesome.  Yesterday, I was at the gym, and while I was on the elliptical, I had my usual choice of ESPN, NBC4, and Fox News.  I generally watch ESPN, because NBC is usually showing Dr. Phil, and Fox News is just completely insane.  But during ESPN commercials, I looked over at what Neil Cavuto was talking about.  They didn’t have the closed captioning turned on, so I could just read his inflammatory headlines.  The one that made me laugh out loud was the suggestion that this cold spell disproves everything we’ve been hearing about global warming.  He then went on to talk to some PR guy from some big company, at which point the closed captioning came on, and the guy actually said that obviously global warming people will never change their opinions that it’s happening, and his reasoning for this was that they were crazy liberal Democrats.  Then he took a few uninspired shots at Al Gore, at which point I went back to ESPN heaping praise on undeserving Super Bowl MVP Peyton Manning.

The logic here is absolutely incredible.  Al Gore made a movie blaming people for global warming.  Al Gore is a Democrat.  Therefore, global warming can not be happening, and is merely a political tool of the liberals against big business.  Amazing.  Paranoia, thy name is Fox News.

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