Those who forget history . . .

Ford Posts Record Loss of $12.7 Billion –

The company’s strategy is built around catering to those new consumer demands and also shifting its assembly lines to use fewer unique engine and transmission combinations and more common “platforms.”

Is it any wonder that Ford sucks?  Henry Ford is nearly synonymous with “assembly line”, and yet Ford Motor Company can’t manage to reuse components and processes?  If there is a heaven, I’ll bet Henry Ford spends all his time up there jumping up and down and screaming at Ford MoCo executives for being so stupid.  They’ve taken the number two automobile company in the country and flushed it down the toilet because they forgot about the stuff that their founder figured out a hundred years ago.  They’re behind Toyota now worldwide, and will likely fall behind them in North America, too.

Can you imagine losing 12.7 billion dollars?  Can you imagine even looking at $12.7 billion?  Seriously, no one above middle management there should be taking a salary until the company breaks even.

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