Dinner at Wasabi

Last night, the wife took me to a TasteDC event at Wasabi in DC.  It was a Christmas present, and I recommend the restaurant whole-heartedly.  It’s a kaiten-zushi restaurant, which means they have a conveyor belt coming from the kitchen, and you take what you want as it passes by.  This type of restaurant is very popular in Japan, and getting there in London, too.  This is DC’s first one.

The food was great.  And, because it was sponsored by TasteDC, they explained a little bit about the sake and the sushi that they served.  They also made it a little bit like a summer camp orientation day, but that was okay.

If you go there, try the green tea mousse.  I’ve had green tea ice cream before, and I don’t love it, but this was great.  All the sushi they served was great.  The wife especially liked the nigiri.

The owner of the restaurant looks like some minor movie or tv star that we can’t place, but that you’ll probably recognize.  I think he played a principal in some cheesy comedy (Like Saved by the Bell, but it wasn’t that guy).  I wish IMDB had a search by facial description.

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