This is in my hood

Woman Crashes Car Into 7-11 Store – News

The woman, driving a Honda Accord, said she thought she was going into reverse when the accident happened.

We passed this on our way home last night at about 8:15PM – the store is two blocks from our house – and this morning at 7:05AM the store was open for business with boards covering the hole in the window/wall.

I’m curious how she managed to get that far.  She would have had to go up over the curb, across three feet of sidewalk, and through a brick wall to do the damage she did.

Maybe I’m not a good driver, but I usually notice which direction I’m going pretty quickly.

This is a good argument to outlaw automatic transmissions.  They’re just not safe.  You never know which direction you’re going to go until you’re in the candy aisle at 7-11.

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