Are you ready to complain?

I hope you are.  When I first started this site, everyone immediately asked, “How can I complain?”  And now, you can.  The alpha release of the complaint submission form is available!  This is very rough, and needs a lot of work, but if you submit a complaint, it will be displayed.

So, I’m looking for feedback.  It needs some styling, I know.  I’m not really good at building a pretty page.  And eventually you’ll be able to add your own tags instead of picking from a limited number of categories (Something like or Flickr or whatever).

Don’t worry – your email address is not visible to anyone but me, and I’ll never contact you (Unless you’re already a friend, as most of you submitters will be) and I will NEVER sell your email address.

For those who are curious, the submission form is written in Ruby on Rails, which is a pretty cool new-ish web programming language.  So far, it’s a joy to program in.  And I barely know what I’m doing, so it should be even better when I know a bit more.

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