That sound you hear is Walt spinning in his grave

‘Apocalypto’ wins weekend box office –

But “Apocalypto” overcame the baggage of Gibson’s personal troubles as well as its difficult subject matter, which features a no-name cast in a hyper-violent tale that includes beheadings and images of hearts ripped from people’s chests.

This is a DISNEY movie.  What is wrong with the world where once-respected actor who has lost all touch with reality can make a “hyper-violent” movie in a language almost no one speaks, get a deal with the company that makes almost nothing but children’s entertainment, and then lead the weekend in ticket sales?  There is absolutely nothing right with this picture.

Where are the people screaming for an NC-17 rating?  Once again, horrific violence is just fine, as long as there’s no sex.  Or maybe there is sex, I don’t know. Our country is so messed up.

In any event, I don’t watch Mel Gibson movies anymore.  Old ones are okay, before he lost it.  But nothing new.

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