Crowdsourcing Christmas

Futurismic: New Fiction From Jason Stoddard

He was nine when Dark Christmas came. He knew there were lots of different kinds of Santas. But when the first robotic Santa went rushing from tree to tree in his front yard like a soldier in a wargame, he knew something was wrong. When two more Santas, shiny with human sweat, appeared from the street and chased the robot down, David knew that something had changed forever.

New short science fiction on Futurismic combining “the magic of Christmas” with Web 2.0 buzzword-concept “crowdsourcing” and a little bit of the dark side of capitalism and the American Way.  It’s a nice, quick read.  I like the way the author tells the story as a father explaining Christmas to his daughter.  In fact, it’s very much like an old fairy tale before they were all Disney-fied and the dark parts taken out.

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