November is almost over

Only 2471 words to go.  I have no ending in mind at all.  The story has completely gone off into random plotlessness.  I don’t really like it anymore.  I had high expectations for this story, but they have not come to fruition.  But that’s fine.  I still have my 2003 novel to finish, and I really do like that one.  I might even put this year’s up here for people to read if they want to.  That’s how I first read John Scalzi and Charles Stross.   Of course, they put up PDFs of finished novels that have since been published by real publishers, while I’ll put up a rambling first draft of lofty expectations and not much else.

We’ll see.  Keep an eye out, maybe I’ll post it here.  It still needs a title.  Maybe if I post it, someone will read it and think of a title for me.

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