256 gigs on a sheet of paper

Techworld.com – Storage News – Store 256GB on an A4 sheet via Kurzweil AI

Files such as text, images, sounds and video clips are encoded in “rainbow format” as coloured circles, triangles, squares and so on, and printed as dense graphics on paper at a density of 2.7GB per square inch.

An Indian engineering student has figured out a way to print encoded data on a piece of paper. This sounds pretty cool. Having a sheet of paper with 256 gigs on it isn’t necessarily all that great, but the applications that could come from this are exciting.

Edited to add: All this would be exciting, that is, if it were true. Now posted in the middle of the article I read is this:

Update: But following this article and widespread coverage of the claims, the claimed storage technology has been widely and roundly dismissed as not possible.

Thanks, Cheryl, for pointing that out.

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