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HOWTO: Draft A Good Complaint Letter – Consumerist

The wife is half-looking over my shoulder as we watch some Sunday Night Football, and she saw the headline.

“How to draft a good complaint letter?  What are you doing?”  She says.  And it’s the tone she used that’s important here.  The tone implied that blogging about how to draft a good complaint letter is utterly worthless and ridiculous.

I run a blog called “Complaint Hub”.  Blogging about complaining is what I do.  And Consumerist also does a lot of complaining.  So sometimes I link to their site (Don’t tell them it’s because they pay attention to who links them, and sometimes link back.  Tell them it’s because they’re so witty.  They’ll like that.).

I don’t think that’s ridiculous at all.  I’m here, providing a service to the community by helping to spread the word about how to write a good complaint letter.

So, go out and write a complaint letter to someone who has wronged you.  It will feel good, trust me.

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