Think this cant happen to us?


Still, with an estimated nine years of landfill space left, councils throughout the UK are faced with a tough decision about what to do with the UK’s waste

Okay, I know England has much less space than we do. But I’ll bet that fifty years ago they didn’t think they’d be running out of landfill space. It’ll happen here, eventually. I know I’ve been making a conscious effort to throw less away. I’ve been trying to recycle more, and half the food I eat is fresh vegetables, so anything that I don’t eat goes down the disposal. But we Americans throw tons and tons of stuff away all the time, and it’s going to come back to haunt us eventually. You know you saw the Simpsons episode where they had to move Springfield because there was too much trash. Sure, it was funny. But it won’t be nearly as funny when it happens somewhere near you.

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