FBI cant find evidence of broken laws

Foley case, a legal ‘gray area’ – Today – MSNBC.com

One federal law enforcement official said the FBI reviewed some Foley-related e-mail in July but concluded that no federal law had been violated.

Are you kidding me? With all the ridiculous crap that we aren’t allowed to do, like photograph a building in DC or bring a bottle of water on a plane, you expect me to believe that telling a sixteen-year-old boy that you’d like to take his clothes off doesn’t violate any federal law?

When they write laws to protect children from MySpace or maybe seeing a naked person on TV, did they just forget to write the laws to protect children from actually being molested? I don’t have kids yet, but I’m pretty sure I can speak for most parents when I say that I’d rather a child watch an hour long TV show of naked people screaming profanity than get one single instant message from a congressman asking for sex. Am I being ridiculous?

We need to prosecute this guy, and then we need to get him some help.

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