The Pop Tart Scourge

Someone in the office just toasted a cinnamon Pop Tart.  It smells really good.  But Pop Tarts are evil.  First of all, anything with that much sugar is dessert, not breakfast.  Second of all, and this should be illegal, they count a serving as ONE Pop Tart.  You all know the Pop Tarts packaging – they come two to a bag.  And the bag is not resealable.  It’s not even big enough to fold over to keep the second Tart slightly fresh.  There should be a law that anything contained in a non-resealable container is one serving.  Actually, I guess they’d have to make it more specific, because I’d hate to buy a value pack of six pounds of chicken breasts and then have to eat the whole package.  Could it apply only to snack foods?  I guess then they’d just fight to make Pop Tarts a breakfast food, not a snack food.

In any event, it’s an outrage.  One Pop Tart is about 200 calories, 60 of those from fat.  But you can’t eat just one Pop Tart unless you’ve got a buddy to eat the other one.  So one Pop Tart is, in effect, 400 calories and 35% of your RDA for saturated fat.

However, if we make anything in one package have to be a serving, they’d just start packaging things in more plastic.  You’d have a box of cereal that contains 15 little shrink-wrapped packets of exactly 37 bran flakes.  Our landfills would explode.

All of this makes me glad that I ate a bowl of Kellogs Smart Start and some organic yogurt for breakfast.

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