This is actually great for the country – Lieberman concedes to Lamont, vows to run in November – Aug 9, 2006

Lamont wins, and now Lieberman is going to run as an independant.  Screw you, two party system!  First, Lamont shows that you don’t have to be the candidate that the national party likes.  You can use the internet to get your name out and bypass the big party machine.  And now, Lieberman shows us that the two party system is not enough, that sometimes you have to go outside the system.  Let’s abolish Democrats and Republicans.  They’ve had their time in the sun.

The danger for Connecticut Democrats, I suppose, is that Lamont and Lieberman split the liberal vote and hand the election to a Republican challenger.  But since Connecticut voters have already made it quite clear that supporting President Bush and his war on civil rights and separation of power is not going to fly, perhaps they’ll get a nice, intelligent Republican who goes against the President because the President has, as a Republican, lost his way.

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