This is not a surprise to me

Acura Integras Still Being Stolen – Jalopnik

Of course Integras are still being stolen while RSX’s aren’t.  One, the Integra was awesome while the RSX is just an Integra with a new name.  Two, the smart kids bought Integras to pimp out – a stock Integra blows the doors off a Civic with $10,000 of engine work.

My first car was a 1988 Integra RS.  I loved that car.  Then someone rear ended it, and Allstate determined it wasn’t worth the repairs.  So my sister and I took the insurance money and a little out of pocket cash and bought a 1989 Integra LS.  We had that until my brother drove it into the ground.  They were great cars.  My girlfriend in college bought a brand new 2000 Integra during our senior year.  That was a fun car to drive, but not quite as much fun as the ’89.

Anyway, it’s too bad they’re discontinuing the RSX.  Maybe if they brought back the Integra it would start selling again.

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