Even now, no one wants to vote

Democrats Scrambling To Organize Voter Turnout

It seems to me that, in the current political climate of 36% approval ratings, if you can’t get Democratic voters to actually get out and vote, then the problem is not with your voter turnout schemes.  The problem is that you have offered no compelling reason to vote for you.  “I’m not a Republican” is not a compelling reason to vote for you.

Maybe if Democrats actually focused on the issues.  For example, I’d love to see a Democrat with a real plan to get us out of Iraq.  But we have to finish what we started, first.  We can’t just leave while the country is still in disarray.  And what about the environment?  Health care?  The economy?  You can’t just claim that the Republicans are ruining everything and leave it at that.

It’s frustrating.  If the Democrats can’t take back the House and Senate now, when Bush and his supporters are so unpopular, then the party should be disbanded.

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