Failure or success?

You may know that I’ve been trying to get a more balanced view of the news.  I realized recently that everything I read has a pretty liberal slant, and I want to see the other side.  Both because I agree with a lot of conservative ideas, and because seeing both sides of an issue helps you regardless of which side you’re on.

So tell me if I’m better off now – I don’t like reading either side.  I read the National Review, and all I hear is, “President Bush is doing the right thing, why can’t you stupid liberals see that?”.  Then I read the Daily Kos and I see, “President Bush is destroying the world.  Why can’t you stupid conservatives see that?”.  I’m sick of it all.

What happened to the idea of public service?  What happened to the idea that we’re going to do what’s right for the people, not what the leaders of the political party you affiliate yourself with think serves their interests.

When I first registered to vote in Maryland when I was 18, I registered as a Democrat, mostly because my parents are Democrats, and Maryland requires you to register with a party to vote in the primaries.  Did that mean that I was ruled by the Democratic party?  No.  It means that I chose to associate with them because, in general, their ideas matched up with mine, and they had a much bigger voice than I do.  Later, I considered myself a Republican, because my views changed, and now I agreed with more Republican ideas.

Today, I will not associate myself with either party.  Politics is too much about the party, and about the fighting for the superiority and power of one over the other, and too often the people are forgotten.

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