Forget the polar ice caps, now theyre messing with wine

Treehugger: Climate Change Threatens Vineyards

Climate change is making more and more areas unsuitable for growing grapes to make wine.  This is an outrage.  Who cares about dumb jaguars (Note – it’s more fun to say jaguar in Spanish – the “j” sounds like an “h”.  Try it!) and worthless giant pandas – they can’t mess with my wine!

Actually, I’m just kidding.  I care deeply for jaguars and giant pandas.  And the article is making predictions for 2099.  By then, little nano-machines will be making wine from raw carbon without all that work of growing grapes and fermenting them and all that.

I wonder how long it takes before climate change starts affecting something that everyone cares about?  I mean, it’s easy for someone to say, “I don’t care about the rainforest” if you’ve never seen one.  The whole “we need them to survive” thing doesn’t seem quite real.  It’s the same with melting ice caps.  They’re far away.  Not to diminish the impact they have on our lives, but it is certainly easy to ignore.

Maybe someone should get Al Gore on this.  He could make another movie called “A Sobering Picture” all about how wine is good for you, but the Republicans are trying to destroy it.

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