Increasing my nerd quotient

First, there was the Slashdot post about Mac nerds switching to Ubuntu. Then I saw that someone I’ve met in real life uses Ubuntu. Since I’ve always thought that I couldn’t really claim that I was a computer geek unless I had at least one computer running Linux (And my previous attempt at running Debian was a failure), I thought, why not follow Cory’s lead and check out Ubuntu.  So far, it’s pretty cool.  I had some issues getting my resolution to display at anything but 640X480, and I still don’t have my wireless card working (Although I’m not sure it ever worked that well when I was running Windows, either), I’m liking the Linux.  Ubuntu comes with a pretty slick GUI, and a lot of the stuff you need – Firefox, OpenOffice, Gimp . . .

And it’s keeping my old Dell P3 500mhz from sitting in a corner collecting dust.  I bought the computer in 1998, and it’s treated me well.  Now I think I can get a little more use out of it.

My fiancee tells me that I’m running Linux because I want to be able to look down my nose at you silly Windows users, and she’s not entirely off-base.  There is a certain part of me that yearns to be snooty to everyone else.  But I try to keep that part in check.  Sometimes I even manage to do it.

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