36 Pages of Hillary – An Initial Reaction

After 36 pages of Hillary’s book, my only reason to hate her is that she’s not a gifted writer. I’ve read a little about her childhood and schooling, a little about her family.

I’m certainly not going to quit now. I know I can’t make an informed judgement about her (Or anyone) after reading 36 pages. What I would say now is that her childhood wasn’t that interesting, she probably got good grades on the papers she turned in while she was in school, and none of her teachers ever told her to write for a living.

I’m probably being nitpicky, looking for things I don’t like. I mean, who am I to criticize the writing ability of a published author and Senator? I’ve published two stories in my college literary magazine years ago, and a few little articles at the Piker Press, but I have yet to see my own work in Borders.

Still, as a public figure, and a political one, she brings this sort of criticism on herself. And trust me, Hillary, there will be more by the time I’m finished.

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