i concur with wife on the lack of complaints!&nbsp_place_holder; i’ve had many complaints to share, but felt sorta weird complaining more than the host. :)&nbsp_place_holder; but that won’t stop me now!!&nbsp_place_holder; i have some weird virus that has taken me out hardcore for the past five days and to a lesser extent, the five days before that.&nbsp_place_holder; i can’t run….it’s not that i don’t want to…i just think i’d pass out.&nbsp_place_holder; the primary symptom has been a headcrushing headache that sort of comes and goes.&nbsp_place_holder; everytime i think i might be on the mend, it sets back in.&nbsp_place_holder; i don’t like being down.&nbsp_place_holder; the doc said 10-14 days.&nbsp_place_holder; i’m not used to being down hard more than 3 or 4.&nbsp_place_holder; and now i wonder if i am still sick or just losing motivation to do anything.&nbsp_place_holder; but i’m complaining. so i guess that’s a good start.

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