Wow, that was easy

I did a test import of Complaint Hub into Drupal on my laptop.  It worked nearly flawlessly.  It’s going to be a little tough to keep up the permalinks so that any links to the current site redirect to the new site.  I want to move everything back to (You’ll notice the URL here is, which makes it harder.  And then there are still the posts from my old From Harvard Street blog that are all forwarding from to  I suppose I could probably just fix that to go directly to

The import module for Drupal also does not import multiple WordPress categories for a single post.  It only imports multiple tags.  Unfortunately for me, I use categories almost exclusively.  There is a way to convert categories to tags, but there’s a big disclaimer about backing up your database first.  I guess I could just do that.

Otherwise, it was pretty awesome.  I still need a nice new theme, but otherwise you may be seeing the changes sooner rather than later.

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