OMG TomKat!

Flickr has let me down – apparently no one who was outside the Uptown Theater last night taking pictures of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes has posted their stuff yet.  But here is a little gallery that I won’t hotlink, although maybe I could.

Anyway, I post this not because I’m obsessed with two crazy, rich Hollywood people, but because I totally saw them.  We went to trivia night at a bar just down the street from the Uptown, and as I was walking down Connecticut Avenue from the bus stop, there was a huge crowd in front of the theater.  I looked in the center of the crowd, and there was a short man with a really bad haircut (Come on, Tom, now that you’re married, you’re letting yourself go?) and his wife towering over him. 

It was kind of cool.  I didn’t get a picture, because pulling out my camera phone would have just pissed me off because it takes such awful pictures.  I had thought they had the baby with them, because I couldn’t see either of them (especially Tom) below the shoulders.  Tom’s body language suggested he was holding a baby.  Or maybe that was my imagination.  Anyway, the kid doesn’t seem to be in the pictures that I’ve seen of the event, so I guess I was wrong.

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