Id be installing this now if it wasnt for work

Review: Ubuntu’s New ‘Gutsy Gibbon’ Brings Linux Out of the Jungle

If you’ve been considering making the switch from Windows or Mac, Ubuntu makes the process painless. It’s ability to seamlessly import your settings, music and data from a Windows partition erases one of the most pressing barriers for new users. And once you’re in, the learning curve is minimal. In fact, besides requiring a little futzing to get multimedia playback set up, Gutsy Gibbon is about as easy as Linux gets.

Ubuntu 7.10 is out today. As soon as I get home, I plan to upgrade. Well, a clean install, probably, because I haven’t been running 7.04 long enough to really need to keep stuff. Also I want to redo my partitions and clear out all remnants of Vista.

I hear the wireless is better in 7.10, which would be great, because I lose my connection every day when I get home in the evening.  It works great most of the time, but for some reason, it refuses to stay connected from 4pm to 6pm.  It’s very strange.

Anyway, if you haven’t tried Ubuntu, you should.  You can use the installation cd to run the operating system without installing anything.  It’s a little slow that way, but you can test it out without losing any of your files and whatnot.

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