Pepco still sucks, but Im not quite so mad

Pepco came out and read the meter after all.  I just got off the phone with the first Pepco CSR who didn’t make me want to break things.  He said the meter was read yesterday, and we’ve used 4344 kilowatt hours since we moved in.  Our latest bill was for 7942 kilowatt hours, or 183% of our actual electricity usage.  Based on what they charged us on our latest bill, I think that’s about $450 that we’ve paid them that we don’t owe them.

Actually, I haven’t technically paid the latest bill.  I scheduled it, but it hasn’t gone through yet.  But apparently they can’t cancel the payment once I have a confirmation number, which is crap, but whatever.  We aren’t going to pay another bill for a few months.

I’m not sure why I had to be home yesterday.  They read the meter after I left for work, despite their claims that someone had to be at the house.

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