Define knee-jerk

Browns trade Frye to Seahawks

Savage insisted that dealing Frye and shuffling the quarterback deck was not a knee-jerk reaction.”We really haven’t changed our plans. We’ve adjusted,” he said. “We had two tracks. One track had Charlie and Derek over here, and one track had Brady over here. We’ve still got one quarterback on that track.

“We’ve got a guy (Anderson) who has started some games, whose got a big arm and who has shown some potential. We’ve got a future franchise quarterback (Quinn). We’ve got the veteran mentor (Dorsey) and we’ve got a sixth-round pick for another guy. I think we’ve maximized what we had on board here at that position.”

He went on to say, “Trading him at halftime, now that would have been knee-jerk”.

Okay, I understand that the Browns have quarterback problems.  That should come as news to no one.  But in what universe is announcing a starter, letting him play for less than two quarters, and then trading him, NOT knee-jerk?  The article mentions that this is the first time since the league merger in 1970 (And probably before that, but it doesn’t actually say) that a quarterback has started week 1 and been traded before week 2.

I would fire the guy who named Frye the starter.  If he was so wrong about Frye as the starter, maybe football is not his game.  Romeo Crennel, have you updated your resume?

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