Well, were Zone 1 now

I just got back from the DMV.  Once again, I have nothing but good things to say about the DMV at 95 M St. SW.  Polite, quick, effective – it’s one of the nicest DMVs I’ve used, and I’ve used them in Maryland, Virginia, and DC.

Anyway, we are Zone 1.  According to one of my upstairs neighbors, they did it earlier this month, because she just got a new car and they gave her a Zone 1 sticker.  Apparently this same thing happened to the woman who helped me at the DMV, although it was before she worked there, and she couldn’t get out of the ticket.  I’m still going to give it a shot.  And I’ll give it a shot on the ticket I’ll probably get today before I get home with my new sticker.

I have no idea why we weren’t notified.  I mean, who checks the parking signs on the street where they live?  I checked when we moved in, and now I know what they all say, and I don’t check any more.

I’m still pretty mad.  But I should probably do some work or something.  I think they’re paying me.

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