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Columbia Heights News – Washington, DC – Two Retailers Sign Lease With DC USA

Peter Mallios of Newmark Knight Frank, the leasing agent for DC USA, was equally mum about Ellwood Thompson’s. Mallios informed us that he is no longer allowed to speak with after the backlash from the whole Ross Dress for Less. See Whole Foods Or Ross? This is unfortunate as Mallios had been so informative. But perhaps this means Ross is backing out? We will keep you updated as we learn more.

This is what you’re missing out on by not reading the Columbia Heights forum and the mailing list.  Locals got so upset that Ross was coming to DC USA instead of Whole Foods that DC USA has cut us off.  It was quite a heated response, I suppose.  I don’t actually read the mailing list – the forum is heated enough for me.

Although occasionally a little heatedness can have positive impact – the site linked above has come back from the dead after a forum member made a replacement site.  They hadn’t really updated in a few months, but now they’ve been posting more or less regularly.  The site owners claim to have been busy with having a new baby.  Mind you, they have not yet produced this baby.  Although, I don’t actually know them in real life, so maybe I just missed it.  Nevertheless, it can’t be considered a real excuse until I see a baby.

The unfortunate part is the supposition that Ross might be backing out will undoubtedly renew the discussion on the merits of Ross.  I’ve never actually shopped there, so I can’t really comment.  I suppose I’ll have to give them a shot when DC USA opens.

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