City wildlife

I saw a deer!  In DC!  I was out running (Well, running and walking.  It’s hot out, and I haven’t really run in three weeks) down along the Rock Creek Parkway path, and across the creek, behind a big tree, there was a deer.  Well, its rear end, anyway.  I couldn’t really see the rest.

Other than that, the run pretty much sucked.  A hole is wearing in the heel of my left running shoe, and the shoes are only two months old or so.  Maybe I’ll take them back and see if Fleet Feet can send them back to the manufacturer or something.  I know I have skinny, bony feet, and I tend to be hard on shoes, but this is a little ridiculous.

Honestly, I would pay $300-500 for a nice, custom pair of shoes that would last me five years.  Maybe not running shoes.  I don’t know if they could make them last that long.  But a nice pair of work shoes, lightweight, comfortable, and sturdy, that really fit my feet, would be great.

Can I get that somewhere?  Or am I looking at more like $3000?

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