Leaning left vs. right

My wife accused me of being a Republican a little while back based on things I’ve written here. And after my last post, in which I didn’t exactly present a Democratic Senator in a totally positive light, I thought I might address that.

I’m not a Republican. I’m not a Democrat. I think both parties suck. However, I think I just can’t complain about the Republicans anymore. I did, a lot, and they still suck. I guess I kind of feel like the current crop of Republicans in office is a lost cause. They’re going to continue to do stupid and possibly illegal things, and there’s not much we can do about it.

_As an aside, can I say “the current crop is” and then “They are”? It seems wrong, but grammatically I’m not totally sure. I’m referring to the same group, but in a different way? Anyway, if it’s wrong as I’ve written it, I apologize. _

The Democrats should take it as a compliment when I complain about them. It means I haven’t given up on you them yet.

What that means is that the day you see me start complaining regularly about Libertarians or the Green Party or some other political party, that will be the day that I’ve given up on everyone.

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