I knew it was a good beer

Above And Beyond: Sierra Nevada’s Cool, Refreshing Customer Service – Consumerist

Total Wine said they’d exchange the beer for different cases — (hopefully they’ll have Sierra Nevada from this year) and Sierra Nevada said that they would send a check to reimburse the full cost of the cases if Total Wine didn’t exchange the old beer!

Story from Consumerist of a couple who bought three cases of Sierra Nevada for their wedding (The wife and I had Sierra Nevada at our wedding, too – certainly it follows that the couple in this story are just good people.) that turned out to be quite old.

Now, I’m not sure why they went straight to the brewer, but they did, and Sierra Nevada made sure they had fresh, delicious beer for their wedding.  Well done, Sierra Nevada.  To be fair, Total Wine, the place they bought the beer, did exchange the old cases.  But you can never have too much good service.  I don’t think.

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