Hello, readers

Dear Wonkette readers:

Uh. . . hey. How’s it going? I figure since (with three links since May 3rd) you all make up over 96% of my traffic in the last thirty days, I should say hello.

So, hello. I hope you’re enjoying it here.

I’m not exactly sure why I’ve been linked three times this month. It’s certainly nice to have people reading what I’m writing. My return traffic hasn’t gone up all that much, though, so either I’m not keeping your interest, or you’re all using RSS readers, which I’m not tracking.

I really have no idea how I could be failing to keep your interest, though. I mean, who can resist listening to me complain about owning a car in the city? You should all be riveted. And look out – later this week or early next, I expect to make a return trip to the DMV to try and get temporary tags while I wait for my title to arrive. I know you’re just shaking in anticipation, but you’re going to have to wait.

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