Inform, offer incentives, walk away

Energy Roundup – : Look for the Carbon Label

The label will show how many grams of carbon dioxide were emitted in the process of making the product and delivering it to store shelves. Companies joining the scheme will vow to cut that footprint in two years or risk getting booted from the project

Hopefully this idea will cross the pond soon.  I really like the idea.  Inform consumers about the real environmental cost of what they’re consuming, and let them make their own decisions.  Don’t force people to change, but give them an explicit picture and let them choose for themselves.

Contrary to the hysterical first comment (And I mean “hysterical” both in the “I thought it was really funny” and the “the person who wrote it needs to relax” kind of ways), this is a very Republican/conservative/non-hippie way of trying to bring about change.  Instead of adding regulations and forcing people to cut down on carbon emissions, they’re informing people of the facts, giving some incentive to change, and then walking away.  The commenter obviously has a knee-jerk reaction to anything related to global warming and the environment and would rather spew a canned response than actually think about what’s really going on.

On a related note, a friend mentioned the Wall Street Journal blogs to me last week, and I just started reading them.  I like them so far, and it’s nice to see the WSJ offering more free online content.

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