Wow, thats a stupid law

‘Happy slap’ crackdown sparks row –

The French law says that anyone who “knowingly” films illegal acts of violence and distributes the images can be considered an accomplice — but that professional journalists are exempt.

Okay, so kids are doing something illegal, filming it, and putting it online for people to see. We have a few options here. First, we could crack down on the illegal acts. We could even use the videos they’re sharing of themselves doing it to help find and prosecute them. They’ve done half our job for us!

Or, even better, let’s make it illegal for anyone who isn’t a professional journalist to film and distribute acts of violence. Not only does that not do anything at all to combat the real problem, it opens up numerous other problems, as well. I mean, what’s a journalist? Let’s say I write for a medical journal. Can I post a video of my friend punching a random stranger?  What about bloggers? What if I used to write for a newspaper, but I’ve since gotten a new job, but still keep up a news-related blog?

Never mind that. What’s really stupid is that we’re trying to catch people who are already breaking the law by making the legal part of what they’re doing illegal.  That’ll show ’em.

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