We have internet! Sort of.

Well, we have my neighbor’s internet. The couple who live in Unit 4 have had their cable installed, and have graciously given out the password for their wireless network until we can get cable. It’s not perfect, but it’s better than nothing.

Comcast, meanwhile, has been less than helpful. One would think that they would be eager to get four new subscribers all set up. We’re all but begging them to let us use their service. Yesterday, two days after the Comcast install guy cut through my condo (With permission) to get to the back of the house, the Comcast CSR I spoke to was almost rude when I told her that Unit 4 had cable already, despite the fact that we still show up in the system as one unit. “Well, I don’t see how THAT’S possible.” She said.

Still, rudeness from Comcast aside, we are that much closer to having our very own internet connection. I’m, obviously, thrilled.

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