How do people find me?

I’ve seen this done at other blogs (like Minor Tweaks), and I’ve always been fascinated with it, so here are the last ten search strings that brought people here.
* test scores at odds with rising high school grades
My opinion on this isn’t too well informed, but I don’t think I said anything ridiculous
* coca cola engiva berry green tea
* coca cola engiva peach green tea
* enviga too much caffeine?
* how much egcg should i take?
Looks like a lot of people are coming to read my lukewarm but honest review of Enviga, a bunch of links to the lies Coke tells about it, and my unconfirmed and possibly libelous claim that artificial sweetener causes cancer. By the way, the answer to “how much egcg should I take?” is none. Get up off your fat ass and exercise like a normal person. Just because it’s from China and not some lab in Idaho doesn’t mean you should take it.  And yes, Enviga has too much caffiene.
* bitching and complain about wife
I just want to state for the record that I do not bitch and complain about my wife. References to my wife may appear in complaints of which she is not the subject.
* achilles rupture blogs
This one’s for you, Gayle.
* baroody
You think that was him, Googling his own name?
* “internet explorer is the devil”
* internet explorer is devil

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