Dont talk about hot weather when its 18 degrees F out.

Report: January hottest on record –

That didn’t just nudge past the old record set in 2002, but broke that mark by 0.81 degrees Fahrenheit (0.56C), which meteorologists said is a lot, since such records often are broken by hundredths of a degree at a time.

Explain that, Neil Cavuto!  Warmest on record!  By almost an entire degree.

Of course, clowns like U.S. National Climatic Data Center scientific services chief David Easterling give him plenty of ammunition.

Larger increases in temperature farther north, compared to mid-latitudes, is “sort of the global warming signal,” Easterling said.

Scientists don’t use phrases like “sort of”.  It makes it sound like you aren’t sure.  And maybe you aren’t, but you have to sound like you are.  Especially when many are so quick to dismiss your work as liberal propoganda and lies.

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