This is why northern states make fun of us

There was a “winter weather advisory” for the entire DC Metro area last night. Schools canceled evening activities, and probably opened late this morning. And for what?

Nothing. There was a little ice on my car this morning. The kind of ice that melts when you turn on the defrost.

Areas that get real snow make fun of us because this area hoards milk and toilet paper when there’s a prediction of an inch of snow. Less than three inches and people in Wyoming don’t even slow down when they drive. And when I first moved to the area, I was working in NW DC, and parking in a residential neighborhood. We had a bad winter, and there was snow on the ground for a few weeks. Half the cars in that neighborhood were never cleared of snow. They just sat. Obviously that’s not something most people can do in the suburbs, but, since I had never lived in the city, it was a completely foreign concept. Not drive for three weeks? I hadn’t done that since I got my license.

Anyway, they’re calling for more “wintry mix” this morning. I’m hoping to use it as an excuse to leave work early.

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