Spammers need to die

I’ve had an Akismet spam filter on the comments here since right after I started the site last August.  It’s caught about 1500 spam comments in that time.  However, 600 of them are from the last three days, all with the same text in the comment.  It’s driving me insane.  A couple of them have even gotten through into my comment moderation queue.  Akismet has been great, but these people are relentless.  And I don’t get it – they have the same misspelling in each of the comments.  I don’t know why they misspell words.  Surely they must know that it tips off spam filters because all spammers seem to do it.  And I know many of them may not be native English speakers, but not using a spell checker seems strange.

Anyway, I hope all spammers get to spend eternity in a special hell where they must constantly read advertisements every time they try to do anything.  The ads can only be for mortgage refinancing, viagra, phone sex, and fake designer handbags.

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