Someone agrees with me about Al Gore

EcoGeek – Technology for the Environment – Gore Officially Campaigning…Poorly

What he’s doing here is trying to seem more thoughtful about Iraq, a very divisive issue, while relying on climate change to be his main bedfellow. What he’s actually doing is looking like a total weenie again, which is exactly what lost him the election in 2000.

Would I like a President who’s willing to do something about the horrible things we’re doing to the environment?  Absolutely.  Do I think Al Gore has any chance of winning?  No.  Do I think Al Gore running will hurt the Democratic party?  Yes.

He already lost once because he was a robot who stood for nothing every time I ever heard him or read about him.  Recently, I hear that he speaks well, and passionately, about environmental issues.  But now he’s maybe looking at another Presidential bid, and returning to his 2000 form.

Stop it, Al Gore.  Don’t run.  Throw your weight behind another candidate, get your environmental message out there, but please don’t hand another election over to someone like George W. Bush.

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