And you thought you were old

Carbon globules in meteorite may have seeded Earth life – space – 30 November 2006 – New Scientist Space via Kurzweil AI

Now, analysis of atomic isotopes shows that the globules could not have come from Earth and must have formed in very cold conditions, possibly before the Sun was born.

It’s crazy to think about little bits of carbon that have been hanging around inside a rock since before the sun was born.  I mean, that’s, like, a long time ago, and stuff.

But to think that, maybe, some carbon got stuck inside this rock, where it was more or less protected, way back before the sun.  Then that rock flew around space until it eventually crashed into earth, where the conditions were right for life to emerge.  Eventually, that life became us, and koala bears, and fruit bats.

They aren’t sure that’s what happened, but it’s a good theory.  Makes you feel really small and insignificant, doesn’t it?

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