3343 words on Day 1.  That’s my new record.  It helps that I did over 500 just after midnight, then the rest after work.  And it also helps that my wife is so great.  She not only finished painting the living room, but she also cooked dinner, AND cleaned up the dishes.  At this rate, it’s going to take me until next November to make up for this month.

What’s nice is that 3343 puts me about a day ahead.  I already know that I won’t write much Friday (Going away party for some friends after work) or Saturday (Flag football and a wedding).  So being ahead is very important.  Also, three out of four of my mentees, plus one of my real-life friends, have posted wordcounts that are ahead of the pace, as well.  The Nano site has been really slow as they try to deal with all the traffic, so some people may not have been able to get in to update wordcount.  So I won’t assume that my last mentee is behind.

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