I love RSS

I’m curious, and I don’t have enough readers to do a poll, but I’d really like to know how many people don’t return to a website that doesn’t have an RSS feed.  Sometimes I’ll come across something interesting at a site and think, “Hey, I’d like to read this site regularly.”  But then I look in the address bar, and there’s no little Firefox Live Bookmark icon.  And that’s usually the last time I visit that site.  It’s just too much trouble to actually have to bookmark the site, then remember to check back and see if anything’s new.

With my RSS reader, Firefox plugin Sage, I don’t have to remember.  When I have a free moment, or need a quick break from work, I just click the Sage button on my toolbar, hit refresh, and suddenly I have new things to read from websites I like.

I don’t really read a newspaper (Too hard to recycle).  But I have RSS feeds for the Washington Post, CNN, the BBC . . . Certainly I don’t get every bit of news that happens, but I get the highlights.

Don’t really know where I was going with all this.  But I don’t know what I would do without RSS.  I look forward to the day when my little PDA/cellphone/camera/etc uses the ubiquitous free WiFi to keep my RSS feed updated wherever I am.

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