An omen?

As of about 5:30 PM today, I have been married for a month. It’s been a very good month. Tonight, after a celebratory sushi dinner, we went to Harris Teeter so my wife could get ingredients for a vegan carrot cake.  She often bakes dessert for birthdays at work (She even takes requests – is it any wonder I married her?). Harris Teeter often gives coupons when you check out based on what you’ve just bought.  I think this is a cool idea, although it irritates me that I get coupons for Propel with carcinogenic artificial sweetener when I buy delicious Vitamin Water.  We’d been complaining that we hadn’t gotten any good coupons lately. One of the ingredients in the cake was, strangely enough, carrot baby food.  We got a coupon today.  I’ll bet you can guess what the coupon was for, loyal reader.

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