Montgomery County doesnt want you to vote

Voting Delays at D.C., Md. Polls – “It was simply an unfortunate human error,” [Montgomery County] spokeswoman Marjorie Roher said. “We’re getting the cards out there as quickly as possible.”

An unfortunate human error?  Voting machines can’t be used without voter authorization cards.  Forty-five minutes before polls were scheduled to open, someone happened to check to see if those cards were there.  They were not.  I’m not one for conspiracy theories, but that seems unbelieveably incompetent.

It’s happening more and more (Or at least making the papers more and more) that we as a country seem to have a hard time setting up the means to vote.  There are few countries more technologically advanced than we are, and yet we aren’t capable of making a secure voting machine that keeps a record in case of any problems?

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