Not even Republicans are Republican

Michael J. New on Buck Wild: How the Republicans Broke the Bank and Became the Party of Big Government on National Review Online

Even worse, many agencies which have received large budgetary increases are not even remotely related to the war on terror.

Because, of course, if you aren’t fighting the war on terror, obviously you don’t need any money.  Education and health care don’t matter if the terrorists hate our way of life so much they want to kill us.

I’ve often wondered about today’s Republicans.  Previously, being Republican meant small central government, lower taxes, let the local governments take care of as much as possible.  I think that, in general, is a good idea.  The government should step into our lives only when necessary, and then it should do it as gently as possible.  The government exists to help the people live their lives, not as an entity for itself.

But no one seems to want small, localized government these days.  And when the National Review starts bashing Republicans for not being very Republican, you know we’re in trouble.

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