Terror! Liberty! Freedom! Cookies!

Hezbollah the Loser In Battle, Bush Says

“Forces of terror see the changes that are taking place in their midst. They understand that the advance of liberty, the freedom to worship, the freedom to dissent, and the protection of human rights would be a defeat for their hateful ideology,” Bush said. “But they also know that young democracies are fragile and that this may be their last and best opportunity to stop freedom’s advance and steer newly free nations to the path of radical extremism.”

Every time I hear statements like this from Bush, I hear his imitator on Saturday Night Live talking about “strategery”.  Was that Will Ferrell, or someone else?  I can hear it in my head, but I can’t quite picture him.  Anyway, an equally effective image that this should conjure up is Cookie Monster.  “Terror bad.  Liberty and freedom good!  Me love cookies!”.

I don’t like making fun of the way Bush speaks, as I’ve said before, because I think it tends to be the thing that people notice and latch onto, and then they miss the fact that he’s doing terrible things to the country.  But I just can’t help myself here.  He just enjoys saying “terror” and “hateful” and “freedom” too much.

Oh, well.  What I should be focusing on here is how he has, again, delcared victory in a fight that’s long from over.  He seems to think that he gets to determine when a conflict is over, and who won.  I know that whole “Mission Accomplished” banner wasn’t his fault, but the administration has talked about how we “won” the war in Iraq for years, but last time I checked, people were still dying over there.  That’s not winning in my book.  And neither has Israel won.  There may be a temporary cease-fire, which is good, it will hopefully allow some diplomacy to happen.  But if people start thinking that this is over, they haven’t been paying attention to the entire history of the region.

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