Kudos to GM

Being Greenish: Silverado, Sierra to be GM’s First Hybrid Trucks; Fall 2007 Launch – Jalopnik

I’m always quick to bash GM (Because they make shitty cars and embrace dead-end means for saving the planet like corn-based ethanol), but I will give credit where credit is due – GM will probably beat Toyota to market with the first hybrid pickup.  This is exactly what the American auto industry needs – to fire back against the attacks that Toyota and Nissan (And, to a lesser extend with the ridiculous Ridgeline, Honda) have been mounting against American dominance in the large truck market.

Americans like to buy big trucks.  For some, it’s a necessity.  And the Toyota Tundra and Nissan Titan have finally given consumers a real alternative to Ford, GM, and Dodge.  So it’s nice to see GM fighting back, and in exactly the direction I like to see.  Sure, a V8 hybrid isn’t going to get 30 MPG.  But if it gets improved mileage, doesn’t lose a significant amount of power, and runs a lot cleaner, then I’m willing to pat GM on the back for this one.  Assuming this isn’t just a rumor.

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